Social Syndication — On Like Kong!

Real estate agents today have more computing power than the Lunar Lander. Is your agent taking advantage of this or still waiting for their fax to come in?

Social Syndication — On Like Kong!

Posted by John Hardy - 2016-03-01 14:32:00

In Real Estate, or any industry for that matter, we find that we have more computing power in our pocket today than what it took to send a man to the moon.

So, what are agents doing with all this knowledge, wasting it or harnessing it?

A changing of the guard.

I was in my broker’s office a couple weeks ago reviewing a contract we had just written and we found ourselves reminiscing about “The Old Days.” The funny thing is that those days, in these days of rapid, technological progression, were only a few years ago. They were talking about the how they used to go out with their 35mm camera, shoot several rolls of film on one house, go to the One-Hour Photo for prints, glue those prints to a pre-printed sheet, then make color fliers for the properties they had listed.

During this same time I was fresh out of college, working at an ad agency and pumping out ideas faster than PBR disappears at NASCAR events. I had no idea what my future held but I knew two things; I was full of ideas and I knew how to get things done.

My generation grew up when this information and technology explosion was in its infancy.

The starter list:

   - Commodore 64

   - Simon

   - Pac Man

   - Sony Walkman

   - MTV

   - Apple Macintosh

   - and the internet, which Al Gore had nothing to do with, by the way.

Being on a creative team, it was our job to utilize all the new technology. If there was a way to market something I would find it. We were there when AOL and Netscape were coming of age. Twenty years ago 8MB of memory was considered more than anyone would ever need and cost as much as a new house—I exaggerate, but it was pricey.

I had no idea I was in training for a future in real estate. Before a lot of agents knew what social media was, or social media marketing, I was in the chat rooms testing out new products and asking for feedback from the same people—rarely ever meeting face-to-face.

Facebook and Twitter were the next logical areas for growth, after AOL, and we were early adaptors—able to grasp and utilize technology as it became available.

You may be asking yourself how any of this helps you sell your property.


An old analogy goes something like this; “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing but nobody else does.” Likewise, if your property is on the market but no one knows about it, it’s not going to sell.

Coming full circle.

As we wrapped up the meeting I learned that a lot of the content I had created for a client was used at a town hall meeting to secure funding for a large project. My broker told me I did a great job on the presentation. I was happy to inform them that I wasn’t involved with any of the meeting’s agenda but was excited that Team Hardy’s work was adopted and utilized since I had been streaming this information online.

It was through social networks that this content was available to be “borrowed” and make a case for their proposal. All of these allowed me to get this to thousands more eyes than any flier could:

   - Word-of-Mouth

   - Facebook

   - Twitter

   - LinkedIn

   - Emails

   - IMs

   - and, of course, phone calls


Can your agent do this?

© Erik Qualman


What does this tell you? The internet makes it possible to market your property 24/7, which means Team Hardy is always working for you, even in our sleep—we’re on like Donkey Kong.

© Nintendo via Nin 10 Guy


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